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A mix of ancient Eastern and modern Western Tantra Techniques

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Awaken your Devine Feminine Energy

Ladies, get in shape, invest in a healthier happier you. No other massage can give women
more amazing benefits than a Tantra Yoni Massage.  Relax unwind relieve stress, anxiety, tension, cares, letting go, trusting and surrender. Tantra focuses on the mind, body and soul.

Happy | Healthy | Holistic

18 and over,Student discount $75 off

Meditate at the beach

 Tantra Yoni Massages perfected to an art form.
 Mobile Massage to your | Home | Office | Hotel


Schedule an amazing two hour full body sensual massage at your home hotel or office. 
Release physical tensions, anxiety and depression while restoring balance & inner peace. Come Explore Tantra a truly exciting experience.


Tantra Massage Albuquerque is all about Ladies enjoying & restoring their bodies awakening their sexual energy! The Healthy choice for your mind, body and soul.

Ladies, let's get in shape, invest in a healthier happier you. No other massage can give women more amazing benefits than a Tantra Yoni Massage.  Relax unwind relieve stress, anxiety, tension, cares, letting go, trusting and surrender. You spend hours every week at the gym keeping your body in excellent shape. It's time you start exploring your overlooked sexual health. We both know, nothing is more exciting!

Choose from our menu of ladies Yoni Massages.

Happy | Healthy | Holistic




She'll discover and increase her orgasmic potential. Yoni Massage is a Skill Set, an Art Form women want and need regularly. Here at Yoni Massage Mami we've created a tailored menu of delicious Yoni Massages just for you. We have the a sensual Yoni light for first timers. The Yoni Massage aka. Tantra Yoni Massage.

Sure we can do a text book Yoni Massage or spice it up as many women request for their sessions. Let's chat and make your session just the way you like it.

Below are many of the requests I get from women all around the world visiting Miami and New Mexico.


A Yoni Massage can be tailored to her desires. We can go longer than the standard two hours, both be fully nude, we can combine NURU or body to body  to the Yoni Massage our bodies massaging each others,  we can do massages anywhere in private (hotel, home, office, hot tub, private beach, boat or even on a picnic, back of an SUV is exciting, we can start out with you nude or you can be fully clothed,  These are only a few of the ways women love to change up their sessions.



For shy women let's begin with a Swedish massage and slowly work towards a Yoni Massage or Yoni Light where she keeps her panties on massaging closer and closer to her pussy until were massaging her vulva/ lips then her clit still with wet panties on slowly  sliding them to the side, eventually slowly, pulling them down. Teasing & arousing slowly....edging her slowly to maximum climax...It's always more exciting to change up each session as new desires pop into your naughty hidden erotic mind. That secret mind the one where you never tell your friends what your thinking!  We can begin or end with a  soapy massage in the shower or tub. We can also do other fun stuff past women have asked for such as tying you up in a crotch rope, (very sexy),  I can body paint You which is very Art Positive ,so fun! We can if you request it use your cellphone to take boudoir and erotic images and video for your social media and friends.


These are a hand full of ideas women have added to tailor there sessions. Please let me know and we can be flexible and tailor your next session to meet your special wants and needs. So don't be shy! Cold feet disappears in a few minutes.  Let's discuss ideas before or change up as the session goes on.


What to wear: about 90% of women wear bear, 10% have beautiful bushes! Bushes are beautiful! Landing strips are so cute! Let me know what rocks your world and let's schedule your exciting highly sensually erotic Journey together where we'll both explore You inside and out! Nothing is better for her health and happiness! Looking forward to meeting You soon.

What is a Tantra Yoni Massage?

Sensual 10  Healthy 10  Erotic 10

In a nutshell ...we're together going to explore You. We'll do what You think about all the time and don't dare speak aloud. I talk to women every day and they keep their desires locked's perfectly normal to want sex. All women think about their fantasy's and want to explore. Everyone wants food & water too, it's natural and normal. Every women I talk to loves sex and loves Yoni Massages. They're amazing! Nothing is better than two hours of sensual pleasure!


What's a Yoni? 

Yoni is Sanskrit for vagina and translates to sacred space. A Yoni massage is an arousing slowed down two hour highly sensual and erotic full body massage that focuses on her erogenous  zones. Yoni translates to pussy in english but we don't just focus on your wet pussy we explore all of your erotic places! From your belly, ass down your legs and up to your erect nipples.... No other women's massage comes close to the benefits for her mind, body and soul.  Yoni massage is the answer to keeping your whole being fit and in excellent shape.  ....Yes it is a pussy massage....and a much much more! We spend time caressing your vulva, your lips, they're so arousing and sensitive. Massaging you butt, legs, inner thighs with hands, fingers and sometimes an erect cock thrusting against your highly aroused naked body. 

Like a sports car - you can get the standard basic model or shoot for all the bells and whistles! How would you build your fantasy Yoni Massage?

Yoni Massage uses modern and Tantra techniques such as deep slow breathing. Sessions are two hours designed to slowly take you on a special journey. Often intimate eye contact if she desires. Edging or teasing is also used to bring her close and then backing away. The art or vagina, vulva, clitoris, G-spot techniques in combination with butt, breast, nipple, belly, mound and inner thighs slowed down group of special skills. Sessions are tailored to meet her wants and needs. Normally performed in a peaceful quite place such as a bedroom on a king or queen bed. Often she will have her favorite tunes playing softly in the background and the temperature set just right. Massage oils and lubes are used to sensually caress her entire body. Exciting, sensual, erotic pleasure for women to experience. She'll experience maximum arousal and pleasure relieving her of built up stresses, tension, anxiety.


She'll discover and increase her orgasmic potential. Yoni Massage is a Skill Set, an Art Form women want and need regularly. Here at Tantra Massage Albuquerque we've  created a tailored menu of delicious Tantra Massages just for you. We have the a sensual full body Yoni light for first timers. The Yoni Massage aka. Tantra Yoni Massage.

Body to Body - try a NURU Massage using NURU gel so our bodies slip and slide together. A very erotic two hour session where an 8 inch cock caresses your pussy lips and ass as our bodies glide together.


Tantra Yoni Light

We've tailored something very special for the women who  have never had a Yoni Massage before. Sensual, so elegant, meant to drive her wild. Ladies enjoy a Yoni-Light! A Yoni-Light is both Sensual & Erotic, Caressing very near her erogenous zones, teasing drives women wild with arousal. It's the Ultimate turn on certain to get her energized. Always specially tailored to her desires. Note: Yoni-Light does not caress her Yoni, vulva, breasts, nipples but comes very close. 


You may want to begin this session as a Swedish and  change over to a Yoni -Light .






Full Body Sensuous Massage Sessions are extremely exciting arousing pleasure filled Blissful Journeys for her to relax enjoy unwind and escape with so many health benefits making Yoni Massage a must have for every woman.

OK, I'm ready to cum!  What should I do? Call or text James and schedule a session at 239-355-6256 Mobile service to your home, hotel, office.



Looking for interested women living in New Mexico. I often receive requests for 4 hands massages sessions. Where I and a female masseuse together massage a woman. Typically a Tantra Yoni Massage. You would also be nude and would learn a new skill over time. If you are fit, in shape, (18 to 30) and would be interested in this please contact me at 239-355-6256






A must for Sports Women, enjoy a Legs & Butt Massage

Relax those tight muscles! We'll work those legs and butt for a full two hour session leaving you fully relaxed. Ladies enjoy an exciting journey from your belly button down.



Massages for Women only


     1) Tantra Yoni (a two hour full body massage)

     2) Yoni Light (sensual, erotic not touching private zones)

     3) Sensual full body massage (a notch below a yoni light)

     4) Sports Legs & Butt (great for women who run)

     5) Swedish (a light - most common massage)

     6) Deep Tissue  (more pressure to reach muscles)

     7) NURU (body sliding against body)

     8) Yoni Nuru (a yoni massage with body 2 body

     9) Tantra Session (body 2 body both give and receive)

    10) Yoni Party (events and parties)

    11) Tantra educational and training for her (Tantra session fees and donations are solely for verbal consultation services, limited to learning and educational purposes, training in ancient and modern western tantra, spirituality counseling and guidance in tantra techniques only. Any other interactions other than verbal educational communications are outside and not a part of and payment exchanged for services.)

    12) Erotica Fantasy session to her desires

Tantra Session for Ladies | Workshops | Parties and Events


*7 day service welcome till 2am



Please include your first name/cell number/date/time you would like to begin & address for your appointment to make scheduling simple and fast.

Text (239) 355-6256 now and let's set up your session!

Thank You for stopping by! I'm looking forward to meeting You.




Schedule an Appointment

Thanks for submitting!

Sessions start at $250 at your address, up to two hours.

Tailored | Swedish | Deep Tissue | Yoni | Tantra | Yoni Light | Legs & Butt Sports

Any and all fees or donations, including Tantra session fees and donations are solely for verbal consultation services, limited to learning and educational purposes only, training in ancient and modern western tantra, spirituality counseling and guidance in tantra techniques, other educational learning only. Any other interactions other than verbal educational communications are a professional courtesy and outside and not a part of any payment or donation exchanged for services. Any funds, tips, trades, transactions are specifically for educational services.

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Is my session private and discrete? Yes, all sessions and information are completely confidential private and discrete.

Why should I get a Yoni Massage? No other massage gives you greater pleasure or comes with such a vast mix of mind & body health benefits. Excellent for your sexual health.

What Massages do you have? Specializing in Tantra Yoni full body massages for women only. Available for Sensual Swedish and deep tissue massage as well, and specially tailored massages to meet your special wants & needs. Butt & Legs a must.

Where do I go to get a massage? Mobile service to your home, office or hotel in New Mexico till 2am. We can also meet at your favorite locations such as hourly rental hot tub spas for your session. 

Does deep breathing work? Yes. Very much so!

Who can watch your massage? Anyone you like. Be comfy come alone or with friends.

What should I wear? As much or as little as you like.

What should I bring? Awesome tunes! Favorite lubes! Let's chat and see what works for you.

What is your rate? Sessions starting base is 2 hours at $250 Ladies needing a session at no cost please let me know. All charges are educational consultation fees. Any other interactions are a complementary courtsey.

Do you bring a massage table? Tantra sessions or Tantra Yoni massage are performed on a queen or king bed, sometimes in the living room on the couch. Yoga mat or  beach towel will do in a pinch. Here is an example of a Yoni Massage.

What's the best way to set up an appointment? Please text me include your first name, date and time that works for you and the address for the 2 hour session. I will try to get back to you as quick as I can.

Can you come immediately? Sometimes I can arrive within an hour or two or the same day! Short notice is fine.

How long is a Tantra Yoni Massage? For most women, usually two  hours some go up to two and a half. Why? Think sensual roller coaster ride. How long do you want to stay on? As long as you can!

Why is a Yoni Massage so long? A Yoni is all about teasing arousal aka., foreplay called edging. Longer is better. Done slowly done right it takes about two hours.

What do you wear? Your call clothed or nude.

Pre Session Chat? Always, we'll discuss your wants and needs before each session. That way we know what directions to head. Often we tailor to your wants and needs & hidden desires. Feel free to try new things. I'm flexible and friendly. Pre session Chat is also a Tantra consult which is the only services funds are accepted for.

Can you do two women together? Yes I do massage two ladies together. Incredible bonding experience for them. Very sensual. A great way to make new friends. Deep connections between Tantra partners.

Massage me on ____ location? Yes if you have a private spot.

How often should I get a Yoni Massage? Weekly or monthly to keep mind body and soul in shape.

Will I orgasm? That's a possibility. Some women come up to four to five times per session. Tantra sessions or Tantric massage is a series of techniques. Done right and done together they produce awesome results.

Will I cum harder and longer? Yes that may happen, intense edging arousal, deep breathing tantra techniques make women ejaculate squirt cum explosively again and again. Note some women simply don't some do. Depends how they're wired. Over the session we'll together find what techniques best work for you.

It's my first time. Can I bring a friend? Anyone you like.

For a Yoni Light Massage, what should I wear? Panties if you like. We can skip or simply come close to your private areas for a Tantric Yoni Light! That's the Ultimate tease.

What experience do you have?

Nine years experience as a Tantric Yoni Specialist utilizing latest in modern western techniques and Tantra skill set. James, your sensual intelligent, high energy friendly Tantra Yoni Arts Professional. Goal is your desires and health wellbeing.


Do you offer Tantra Sessions? Yes, sessions are slow highly sensual. Exciting and highly erotic.


Do you offer a soapy massage in the shower before a yoni massage? Yes if requested.


How late do you work? Usually as late as 2am.

What should I bring? Music You Love - aromas - your favorite lubes - soaps anything to feed the senses.

What should I wear? As little or as much as you feel comfy in. I prefer you  wear white cotton panties to begin.

What best down there? Bushes are beautiful, but bare makes things easier. Landing strips a personal favorite.

Do you do men too? Women only.

Yoni Massage can be highly Intimate, highly Sensual and highly Erotic. Learn to love & enjoy your body. Learn what techniques work best for you. Enjoy and Relax because nothing beats a Tantra Yoni Massage.



Let's communicate to set the tone or mood that turns you on. Simply put. Everyone has unique kinks, wants and wishes. A Yoni or Tantra session should always be about making your desires a reality. To make each session the absolute best let's have a productive up front chat to set the tone. We'll get you comfy. Then we will begin.

I'm all about making your experience the absolute best. I find being flexible, being precise and listening helps to meet our goals that we together set.

In short let's set a course to make our journey together an awesome one.

Let's Communicate | Connect | Care & Share

Remember a Tantric Yoni Massage is all about you - a one way experience where you are the receiver and the masseur is the giver. To best serve you he'll need to understand your desires to set the journey in motion.

If you choose a Tantra session both participants are both givers and both receivers. Tantra sessions have a wide array of possibilities so the sky is the limit. Again what's your passion, what's your desires? What secretly turns you on? Tantra is all about making connections. A slowed down experience.


  They're Incredibly arousing & highly therapeutic. Yoni massages make you feel desired, rejuvenated, cared for loved and supported all at once.

 *Ladies; Scheduling regular weekly massage sessions increases sexual drive, desire and performance. Exciting with so many benefits. Enjoy, you'll love it!

  1. Rejuvenate Repair Your Sexual Mind

  2. Relax, De-Stress feel real Sexual Pleasure

  3. Heighten the five senses

  4. Boost Self-Confidence and Happiness             

  5. Positive Attitude about her Body

  6. Release Traumas any guilt or shame

  7. Calming altered state of consciousness 

  8. Reduce Anxiety

  9. Unwind and let go! Discover Yourself.

  10. Thrilling exciting journey 

  11. Be desired cared for, loved, cherished and honored.

  12. Her eyes will Glow after each session! Positive self.

  13. Improved Circulation especially in areas not often caressed.

  14. Boost Your Immune Function

  15. Increased Brain function

  16. Improved Circulation and alleviates past blockages

  17. Improved mood, joints, skin and general health

  18. Better Sleep

  19. Reverses the negative effects of Stress

  20. Healthier Heart with increased blood flow

  21. Activates your parasympathetic nervous system

  22. Holistic release of toxins in the body                                   

  23. Stimulate muscles and nervous system 

  24. Wakes up your muscles, organs, and glands

  25. Heals chronic ailments

  26. Keeps Yoni at Peak Performance

  27. Fulfillment of Female Sexual Desire

  28. Exploring her Sexual Boundaries 

  29. Sensitizing Genitalia

  30. Discovering the secret Techniques that Turn her On.

  31. Mastering your sexual pleasure

  32. Enhance romantic and sexual life

  33. Releases powerful stored or stuck sexual energy

  34. Experience Intense Full Body Orgasms

  35. Experience female Ejaculation & Squirting

  36. Stay fit and burn calories     

  37. Sexual awareness and orgasmic potential

  38. Flip her Libido Sex Drive into Overdrive

  39. Increased body’s ability to release of sex hormones     

  40. Boost your Sexual Confidence and Sexual Stamina

  41. Secretion of the hormone oxytocin leads to rhythmic muscle                 contraction and ejaculation. The larger the release of                         oxytocin, the more intense the orgasm. Dopamine hormone                 is then released we feel as a relaxing pleasure.

  42. She experiences various intensities and varieties of sexual                   experiences feeding her most intimate desires.

  43. Experience Multiple Orgasms per session elevated passion and desire

  44. She'll orgasm harder and longer finding what works for her

  45. Sensual Eye Contact a component of Tantra to discover energy

  46. Tantra Controlled Deep Breathing for better Sex

  47. Hormone production will balance out

  48. Bond & Connect with the giver 

  49. Tantra Massage may increase interest in sex

  50. Experiment Explore Learn what works for you

  51. Physical and mental stress reduction

  52. Increase blood flow to parts of your body

  53. Reduced headache  

  54. Educational awareness learning new Tantra techniques for a better You.                                          


What's a Yoni? What's a Yoni Massage? 


Yoni, pronounced yo-nee is a representation of the vulva or Vagina the sacred temple” or “sacred space” in Tantra.

Yoni Massage is a journey together. It’s a slowed down process that helps her become more in touch exploring her body and her desires. It can be used as a way to release past shame and trauma, and empower her to voice her sexual desires.

A Yoni massage is a full body massage that is both sensuous and pleasurable and let’s not forget highly erotic and a very healthy experience for her.

The Masseur or givers job is to listen to her verbal and non-verbal cues, to watch her body language, watch her bodies responses to touch, watch her deep breathing patterns and facial expressions, and encourage her to express herself. In turn, the woman needs to be open and honest with her hidden desires and feelings and communicate fully and truthfully with her giver. 


Yoni massage is performed in a nice quite private room with zero distractions temperature set just right so she’s comfy naked. Soft background music playing, a comfy bed pillows and sheets that easily fits two, massage oil for her body.

For the best possible experience. Let's get the atmosphere just the way you like it. Consider the most comforting temperature usually around 68 to 70 degrees. Consider playing sensual love making music from your apple music play list. Before we begin get comfy with your massage giver. If you aren't familiar with how to deep breath, just ask. Tantric massage is all about making a connection. Be Open, tell the massage giver what works for you. Massages are  tailored to your desires. 

Yoni massage is a whole body experience that includes touching, arousing and massaging her whole body, focusing on the belly, buttocks, breasts, nipples, mound, her arms, her inner legs and finally her outside lips vulva and then inside of the yoni, while occasionally massaging the rest of her body. Bringing her close to climax and pulling back a process meant to tease her called edging primarily focuses on the labia, clitoris, g-spot, the breasts, anus and other erogenous zones.


Its often said that orgasm isn’t the goal, but for many women it can often happen about four to five time over the session. Teasing, breathing, eye contact, touching just to name a few of the Tantra skillset performed by James a Highly Skilled Yoni Specialist. Book your journey today.

Longer is better!

 Tantric Yoni Massage sessions are about two hours long to make the experience slow and not rushed. Two to 2 1/2 hours is the average time required.



1) Make sure the room is comfy. Not to hot or to cold.

2) Make sure you have relaxing sensual music you love to play. Something that frees you! Makes you come alive! Has Rhythm! you can focus!

3) Make sure to have your favorite lube on hand. The Vulva and Clitoris are very sensitive and really come alive with high lubricity or highly slippery fluid.







Available 7 days a week till 2am


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