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About me


Presently I have nine years of experience as a Tantra Energy Consultant.


How I got interested in girls, photography, massage, Tantra: when I was a young kid about six, several different neighbor girls would show me their  nude bodies pulling down their panties and wanting to see my dick and balls in return. Gee there is a difference. I also notices girls were as or more interested in sex than I was and they loved boys seeing them naked.


Later on as teens the girls would come home after school and swim in their outdoors pools with me. The girls would quickly strip off their skirts and jump in, only wearing white cotton panties and nothing else.

I can tell you first hand that noting is more sexy than a beauty diving down wearing wet white cotton panties, ass and all popping up before she dove under. Transparent perfection of the female ass and pussy. To this day nothing can beat a white cotton panty for being incredibly sexy. Especially when wet. If we ever go skinny dipping together wear white cotton panty and bear breasts! “They’re Great.”


Coincidentally in high school the girls all wore school required skirts. Very beautiful skirts and pretty short too, exposing those hot sexy legs. It happened that girls that liked you, would flirt by lifting up their skirts a little in the hall as they passed smiling and sometimes when I walked past their desk making me Hard as they spread their gorgeous legs apart. What a tease. It was a pretty direct hint she was interested. Every time the pretty girls wore the same, very sexy white cotton panty….my favorite. Yummy making me think of her pussy and ass all week!


One day in the lunch room a pretty girl offered to go into the bathroom for a bit. Sure enough, she too was wearing white panties under her school uniform. As I pulled them down and began caressing her beautiful lips, she had the most beautiful brown bush hiding underneath that sexy white panty.


High school was fun. I was hooked on pretty girls for sure, the beauty, that sparked my interest in art, painting in acrylics and photography. I would also draw, sketch too. Usually, animals and the beautiful female form aka., naked girls.


I preferred photography. I became very good at photographing people and pets. I began shooting landscapes ect. I started to shoot for online websites as well. Meeting with female models who needed images for their portfolios.


One day I was walking around the book store and noticed the cover of a girly magazine…..whoo she was a beautiful girl no doubt, but I noticed dirt near her Coochy.


Being highly detailed oriented…..I wrote a complaint to the magazine to inform them of this horrific injustice. To my surprise some crackpot responded by phone named I think he said his name was Hugh or something like that. WE had it out…..for at least 30 minutes and at the end of the call he hired me in his pre inspection department as an inspector.


I went to his place of business to meet him. I was surprised to see this guy only wearing a bathrobe followed by several half naked beauties. He walked up to me and said; James the wise ass right? Nice to finally meet you.


You were right. As we spoke he said, Your hired to make sure this tragedy never ever happens again. Then after filling out forms, he sent to be trained for weeks.


Holy Shit. I was hired by Hugh to make sure every beautiful female models had perfectly clean bodies before them being photographed for his girly magazine.


My title: “Inspection Dept.”


It was an absolute honor to serve as department head cleaning inspector. Before every photoshoot I would personally meet with every model prior to her photoshoot. We would spend about an hour after she left Makeup detailing her nude body.


Yup you guessed it. I personally washed every inch, every crack and crevice of every bunny before her photoshoot. I would meticulously clean and inspect every pubic hair, her lips and clitoris, any piercings, belly button, butt, legs, vulva’s spread out and individually cleaned.

I got it down pretty good. One day I was told to bodypaint some models. Theme – the game twister, three girls were going to be playing in the pictures taken, I had to paint all three in a big hurry with my hands and fingers.


They came out Great. Later that night in bed I thought to myself… gee those girls keep saying “do that again”, emm just after I painted their kitties. Bet that felt great. Later I painted several more and listened….sure enough when I grabbed their pussy and painted it with my fingers their facial expression was, “Please Sir, Don't stop sir.!!! .."How could I refuse?"


What can I say when a gorgeous girl ask’s you to keep going? Let’s just say thing got slippery painting in those areas.


A light bulb came on in my head.  This isn’t so bad I thought. They love it, I love it, a win, win for everyone. Cleaning nude models aka., Inspection grew into massaging entire bodies including aroused pussies. I did body paint more as well. Art is Very rewarding especially on a hot bodies.


That’s when I began investigating – studying, learning all about Tantra and Tantra Yoni Massage. I loved the work. I enjoyed making the females fit mentally and physically. You would see the tension leave their bodies. You would see their mood flip from anxiety to pure ecstasy.  The women were so excited to be pampered all over their nude bodies. Like when I was a kid the adult women still loved showing off their nude bodies. A Sensual and Erotic thrill, almost like a breath of fresh air. Tantra is rewarding to both the giver and the receiver, it’s a skill set of Techniques  learned over years of learning and practice. Year after year I grew in wisdom and an array skills. I do not charge for massage or Tantra sessions which are physical. I specifically charge for two hour consultations, where I teach women to explore the many Tantra techniques.


To this day I only charge for the educational value of a one on one or a group of two or more women. All verbal consulting fees. All money or tips generated are solely for the nonphysical learning. I do not charge for any physical activities of any kind.


If the women would like to share in any type of physical interactions, physical activities after the Tantra Consultation; such as but not limited to: Tantra, Tantra Massage, Yoni Massage, NURU Massage, Full body Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Any Massage, Tantra Sex, Fetish, Dancing, bodypainting or any type of Sex is completely consensual and completely free of charge by all parties.


Tantric massage or Tantra sessions are free. No charge. Much like when a photographer does a TFP photo session. (TFP)  or Trade for Pictures. An exchange of time by both parties. The model gets amazing photos for her time spent and her profile while the photographer benefits by using the same pictures taken for his profile. A win for both the photographer and model. TFP is both people exchanging their time with no money exchanging hands. Keeping big brothers nose elsewhere.


For women interested in modeling for my camera. I’m a great photographer. We can get you amazing images for your book. I also have aerial drones and both high res digital and 4k video capability. I specialize in photographing the nude female body and Boudoir. Great for your walls at home and friends. You'll love posing nude and in lingerie.


Other interests: Photography Page showing images taken.


A little about me. I’m professional, on time, ready to go – highly motivated optimistic can do adult Caucasian male, 6’2” tall, 190lbs talented in female sensual full body massages – Tantra Massages for women – Tantra Sex – Swedish Massage – Deep Tissue Massage, Erotic Massage and NURU Massage all for women. Normally I do single women, now and then I do two women together in one session together. 


Some sessions have the women’s partners or friends watch. Once in a while the partners join in. Although the majority of sessions are one on one. Feel free to bring along friends or partners if you prefer the added attention. It’s common for Husbands to set up the appointments for their wives.


I specialize in Tantra so I do not use a massage table. Any physical activity that may happen is typically done on a king or queen bed with enough room for two, sometimes three. Most often nude. If we massage the massages normally last about two hours. Tantra is a slowed down process that requires this time to fully work on her body, mind and soul. Normally the interaction is one way – where she is the receiver and I am the giver. Some women choose to be both the receiver and a giver which is okay.


In the event you would like to schedule a Tantra appointment. You will be paying for a Tantra Consultation Fee of $250 that can last anywhere from one minute, to up to two hours. This fee includes only verbal Tantra consultation.


If you would like to practice Tantra or tantra massage, any massages afterwards, or anything physical such as tantra sex is absolutely free. No charge. No tips. No money exchanges hands.


If you would like to do a photoshoot in New Mexico please send me some recent photos of yourself. We can negotiate TFP or a rate for your nude or boudoir photoshoot. Photoshoots normally last two hours and may include several locations depending  on the themes, looks, creativity and content. I love art and love the female form so again a win win for beautiful women who enjoy being photographed.


Other hobbies I enjoy; hiking, biking, swimming, beaches, nudist resorts, movies, motorcycles, fast cars, people watching and once in a while I enjoy painting the bodies of beautiful women.


My favorite; I love the landing strip. I noticed that the majority of women are bare with only a few sporting a bush. I love both the women with lips out and lips inside. They’re both exciting and beautiful. It’s incredibly sensual and erotic to strip a woman vs. her just dropping her clothing and jumping in bed.


Slow and easy taking the time to do it right is the way. Lifting her dress feeling her through her panty is so exciting sliding your fingers in her to feel her wetness is a must. After feeling her ass, pulling her panty off slowly massaging her inner thighs, spreading her apart, spreading her ass, holding her mound, belly, and breasts sucking her nipples till she cum’s is a great way to begin. Over the next several hours working her inner and outer lips and clit in to her G spot and ass for incredible orgasms. Time after time she cums squirting her vagina contracting with pleasure. Me being soaked in her juices as we rock together back and forth in the doggy position. Here ass pushing against my rock hard cock, a cock slides across her wet pussy caressing her throbbing clit. Hands massaging her breasts and nipples while we thrust together holding her breasts.


The above is the more erotic way to do a Tantra Yoni Massage. This would be the Erotic hotter version. A standard Yoni Massage is hands only. An even lighter Yoni Massage is called a Yoni Light Massage where it's only hands – with no hands touching her erogenous zones. Hands come really close. One step down would be a sensual full body massage. We can upon request mix a NURU massage with a Yoni Massage where we apply NURU gel on or bodies to slide our bodies together. What could be better?


You can start nude, in panties or fully clothed. Please share your dreams/ desires and ideas with me so we can make the very best exciting experience for you. Let's meet weekly or monthly to change it up to keep it amazing.

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white panty exposing mound
Nude Boudoir Model
Boudoir nude model
Erotic Model Posing
Female Form
Danielle in her white panties
It's Yoni Massage Time
Face down ass Up is the best way to start Tantra Yoni Massage
After her Tantra Yoni Massage
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