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Ladies Tantra Workshop

Ladies come explore Miami Workshop. A Private Session to Safely explore your sexuality with the help of a skilled tantric massage coach/ practitioner James. You’ve always wished your everyday stresses could melt away into heart-expanding euphoria. I will help you tap into your deepest levels of pleasure. Whether you are new or familiar with sacred intimacy and sensual touch, you will deepen knowledge, explore practical techniques and have free time to play and practice.


Ladies Join James and Awaken your Sensual Pleasure and Erotic Body. Explore your Sacred, Sexual, Creative Feminine Energy. This private one on one Workshop is all hands on. Participants are of course encouraged to join in.

Workshop includes:

Intimacy Session - An introduction into the realms of sexual energy, sensual intimacy. Focuses on desires, libido, and erotic energy. Intro to Tantric Breathing, Meditation, Sensual Eye Contact and Sensual Touch.

Exploring Yoni Massage - We begin to explore the world of physical and energetic connection through a full body-to-body massage experience. You will learn techniques and methods for offering a deeply connective and sensual flow massage. Focusing on sensual and erotic energetic centers, full body massage and breathwork, yoni-flow (squirting), Female Ejaculation and Squirting Hands On Yoni Massage Live experience. Benefits: You'll learn how to increase blood circulation to your vulva and vagina. Increase your genital sensitivity. Develop greater awareness of your body. Connect to your own sexual pleasure and desire.


Workshop Format

Private Workshop

Workshop where you and your private group of women meet for a three hour tantra workshop at your home, hotel or office in South Florida. 

Open Workshop

Workshop where you and other women in a small group meet for a three hour tantra workshop at a home, hotel or office in South Florida. A small group of women who are most likely strangers can share their journey together and make new friends. Here we will put together a group of body positive women. We'll meet at one of the attending participants home, hotel or office.

Exclusive Workshop

Workshop where it's a single woman attending for a one on one tantra workshop lasting three hours at your home, hotel or office.


                                       Schedule your Workshop

Please contact me and let me know which workshop fits your needs and we will schedule you for a Private, Open or Exclusive Workshop. Next I'll need to know when and where, so I'll need the date and time as well as the address for the event. Workshop rate is $300 for three hours. 

We encourage everyone to have an open mind as this is a fun, friendly open and explorative learning environment. We practice and review informed consent. 18+ Female only event.

What to expect at the Workshop?

Live hands on Tantra practical demonstration with time for you to practice the skills & techniques. Intimate three hour inspired workshop for Ladies ready to explore their bodies; however you can dress in any attire you choose. Massage oils provided.

What to bring? Open, curious minds other than that you may want to bring along, lube, NURU gel, lingerie, soothing music a favorite toy.

Available seven days a week till 2am booking on short notice welcomed. This workshop makes a great Tantra experience for women to share and explore their desires.

Ladies book your workshop & enjoy the journey!

Open 7 days a week till 2am

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